At Oberweis, we strive to make life a little happier, a little easier, and a lot more delicious. We value the way food and beverages connect us to friends, families and neighbors in a way that nothing else can, spanning generations. We also know that selecting the products and recipes to fuel your family is not a simple task. That's why we've created Oberweis at Home.

Convenience and Connection

While other dairy companies have abandoned the concept of the neighborhood milkman, we've embraced it. Why? We don't want our customers to lose the convenience and connection that comes with farm fresh milk delivered to their doorstep. Families have depended on us since 1927 and we are committed to continuing to serve them. Today, Oberweis Home Delivery goes beyond the glass bottle, and also includes carefully curated food and beverages for the conscious consumer. We understand that most grocery aisles, virtual or not, are overwhelming and the simple task of grocery shopping ultimately turns into a frustrating and time consuming endeavor for weekly shoppers. Oberweis at Home is here to help.

Conscious Consumers Partner with An Oberweis Curator

Oberweis at Home offers shoppers a unique experience, connecting them to an Oberweis Curator. Your Curator can take the stress out of grocery shopping and offer insight into our offerings. You can take comfort knowing you're making good choices no matter what you choose, because everything we carry is premium quality. Our menu is ever-evolving and mindfully expanding in response to our customers' needs. We've got the bases covered when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacking and entertaining. Our offerings run the gamut from healthy to indulgent, so there's something for every moment life brings.

Our Curators support customers in crafting their customized weekly grocery order, ensuring that Oberweis Home Delivery meets their needs. Curators share the story behind the products in your cart, innovative yet easy recipe ideas, bundles of products tailored to tastes and ultimately save you time and money. In the grocery aisle, you have to rely on a product's packaging to inform your decision. We've read all the labels and even shared a table with the people behind products we carry. We've feasted on their foods and beverages, shared some laughs and learned about the journey of each company. When selecting new items for the Oberweis Home Delivery Menu, we place a premium on taste, quality, and companies we can be proud to partner with.

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