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Become an Oberweis Curator

As a Curator, you have an opportunity to impact the daily lives of others in a meaningful way, bringing a sense of peace and purpose into their kitchen. We have thoughtfully curated a menu of products in alignment with the Oberweis company mission. This means we partner with companies that genuinely care about premium taste, quality and ingredients; local, family-run, small batch kind of companies-- like us. Oberweis Curators bridge the gap between the menu and your table, bringing people together online, at get-togethers, and community events to create simple, tasty food using Oberweis products, recipes, and tips. Curators provide the opportunity to build a family business on your terms, selling the products you love. When you join the Oberweis Home Delivery family, everyone benefits from each other's successes both financially and personally.

Why Join Now?

You are invited to be one of the first Curators in your community. For a very limited time there is no kit purchase required to become an Oberweis Curator. Simply join as home delivery customer and enjoy making your family life a little happier, a little easier, and a lot more delicious!

What Does a Curator Do?

Curators bring people together to create happier, simple, tasty food by showing how Oberweis products, recipes, and tips make cooking faster and easier. They do this in a few different ways.

  • Online

    Oberweis Curators have personal websites that are open 24/7 so they can run their businesses online day and night. Customers can easily shop at their convenience. Curators can also lead virtual gatherings, where they share recipes and product tips with guests everywhere!
  • At Get Togethers

    Curators can lead in-person get togethers in people's homes, schools, churches, and anywhere! They show friends and guests how to use Oberweis products and recipes to make cooking quicker and more enjoyable.
  • Sharing With Others

    Curators invite others to join the Oberweis Home Delivery family, and together they all benefit from each other's successes both financially and personally. Building a team means building lifelong friendships and a sense of purpose by helping others.

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Escalated Commissions

You can earn more by selling more.

Product Discounts

Free products can be earned throughout the year as well as up to 30% discounts available on products.

Supportive Environment

You can learn in your free time with our online training, meetings, and one-on-one mentoring. We are here to support you to reach your goals.

Product With Purpose

We're all about sharing products that bring families and friends around the table to share meals that are simple and delicious so that you have more time to create happy moments with your family!
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There is no inventory required.

Hassle-Free Guarantee

Products are backed by our Oberweis guarantee and a team of Customer Support professionals that always go above and beyond.