with Seal the Seasons Local Michigan Dark Sweet Cherries & Michigan Sliced? Peaches

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What’s made with farm fresh ingredients and looks absolutely stunning? Why, it’s our Cherry & Peach Trifle of course! Simply layer cherries, peaches and angel food cake between cool whip. It’s a light dessert that you can feel good about helping yourself to a second (or third!) serving.

6 servings

Ingredients list:
  • 2 cups Seal the Seasons Michigan Sliced peaches, cubed
  • 1-2 cups Seal the Seasons Michigan Dark Sweet Cherries
  • 1 pre-made or angel food cake, cubed
  • 1 large tub of cool whip, thawed

  1. Cube the peeled peaches. When making the mini trifles, make the cubes pretty small.
  2. Cut the angel food cake into small cubes.
  3. In mini trifle dishes begin the layering process, by placing a layer of angel food cake cubes in the bottom of the trifle dishes.
  4. Add a layer of cherries, followed by a layer of cool whip.
  5. Add a layer of diced peaches. Top with another layer of angel food cake cubes.
  6. Top with a layer of cool whip. Continue layers until the trifle dish is full.
  7. Finish the trifles off with a layer of cool whip, sprinkle with diced peaches and add a cherry on top.
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