Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Farm Fresh Goodness Delivered to Your Door

It wasn't long ago when most American families enjoyed farm-fresh milk delivered straight to their homes. And if you happened to see the milkman while on his route, you were greeted with a warm smile and friendly "hello." In today's world, this hand delivered convenience has become a rarity, but one that we believe is worth keeping alive. That's why thousands of Oberweis families enjoy home delivery for fresh milk from our iconic glass bottles and many other premium products. No hassle, no minimums, just the highest-quality milk ready to greet you at your door.

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  • Gently pasteurized,
    never ultra-pasteurized
  • From small family farms
  • No rbgh/rbst hormones

Key features of our
acclaimed service

  • Farm fresh milk delivered to your doorstep, often within 36 hours of milking
  • No need to be home for unattended delivery to your porch box
  • Convenient weekly delivery of over 200 quality dairy and grocery products
  • Change your order anytime up to 9 pm the night before your delivery

Home delivery menu categories

Our menu features over 200 premium products from six different categories:


Farm fresh and gently pasteurized, our milk is simply the best you can give your family. In fact, all of our dairy products meet the highest standards of quality. From milk and ice cream to yogurt and cheese, nothing beats Oberweis Dairy.


No one does breakfast like we do. Make your morning complete with our convenient and delicious breakfast meats, treats and more. In a rush? We've got you covered with a variety of on-the-go options too.


We make it easy to enhance your snacking repertoire. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet, salty, classic, modern, healthy or indulgent, we've got something for every snacking moment.


Fuel your family all-week long with satisfying, crowd-pleasing dinner options delivered to your door. Big on taste and never boring, our ever-evolving selection includes today's newest trends as well as timeless classics. When you order it from Oberweis, you know it's simply the best.


Dessert makes great meals even better. Indulge in our super premium ice cream crafted in small batches with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients available. Or, explore the many cakes, pies, and other sweet treats we offer. Every occasion is sweeter when dessert comes from Oberweis.


Oberweis quality goes beyond delicious, farm fresh milk. We make the best egg nog, lemonades, teas and fruit punch, too! From your morning cup of coffee to your post-workout smoothie or chocolate milk, beverages from Oberweis never disappoint.

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Home delivery testimonials

Thanks for making the best milk for the best kiddos to grow up on! Oberweis is the only milk my son has ever had and I appreciate the fact (and so does his tummy) that your milk is hormone-free. Because of Oberweis he's healthy as a little horse, tall, and smart as a whip!- Stephanie A.

Since our daughter was a year old, we've given our beautiful first born nothing but the best; Oberweis milk! She loves it and we love giving her the freshest, most local milk we can! - Angela O.

We love Oberweis because of how delicious it is. We also love how it comes in glass bottles, and you don't have to worry about harmful things coming in from the plastic. My little man is anxiously awaiting our Oberweis delivery today! - Lindsay H.

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